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Combining 20 years of experience as a professional IT technician with continuous research and education required to stay current with the evolving field of Information Technology, Carl Hughes Computing provides computer maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades, network administration, security services and much more.

To maintain the efficiency, security and reliability of your home and business systems, Carl Hughes Computing can design and implement backup systems, setup free antivirus solutions and security products and any other services required to keep your hardware and data safe.

Support provided covers a wide range of systems including all versions of Windows, Linux and Android.

Carl Hughes Computing also offers Remote and Cloud services such as web hosting, cloud backup and remote administration. Selecting from an array of free and affordable services to suit your individual needs.


Antivirus & Virus Removal

Solutions for virus infections, malware, rootkit, invasive popups and realtime protection.

Data Migration, Backup & Restore

Ensuring essential data is not lost by providing solutions ranging from external HDD backup to Network Attached Storage and Cloud services.


DSL, Fiber-to-the-Home, Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, Routers, Hubs & Switches, Firewall & VPN. Cloud services.

Maintenance & Security

Keep Operating Systems and Software up-to-date to maintain a reliable and secure environment.

Computer Repair

Full range of Software and Hardware services including Component and System repair and replacement.

Custom PCs and Upgrades

Fully tailored Computer systems. Memory and storage upgrades including SSD. Operating System and Software upgrades.


Offering personalized service at affordable prices for servicing home & business.


Custom Websites including static HTML/CSS/JS and popular Content Management Systems.